Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is quite common. Shoulder pain may last for a couple of days, or be a chronic condition lasting years. Shoulder pain may be caused by a sports related or work injury or ongoing condition from over use. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, but unsure of the cause of the injury, you should consult your physician. Warning signs of a significant shoulder injury include inability to carry objects, inability to raise the arm, pain that occurs while sleeping or lasts for more than 48-72 hours. In these instances, your physician is the best person to diagnose your injury.

Shoulder pain treatment varies based on the cause of the problem. For a mild injury, where the swelling and pain are minimal, rest should do the trick. When the condition persists for more than a couple of days, physical therapy is typically the most effective remedy. Physical therapists implore various modalities designed to increase strength, regain mobility, and restore patients to a fully recovered state. Physical therapists utilize ice and heat applications to reduce swelling and relax the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. Stretching is also incorporated into the therapy to restore a full range of mobility and function to the area. If your physician determines that surgery is necessary to treat the condition, physical therapy is recommended post surgery to strengthen the muscles and restore full mobility.